Many things can inspire a person to write books; the Holy Spirit, Holy Scripture, life experiences, historical events, the news, and many other things. Books, which are written by James W. O'Flannery, are inspired by all of those things. Many of the events in James' novels are based off events in his own life.

The Adventures of Richard McMurphy is loosely based off James' junior year of high school. Richard McMurphy is based off James W. O'Flannery. Richard is a ladies man, who flirts with all of the girls. He has a crazy on-and-off relationship with his girlfriend, Reggiena Fisch.

The Rising of The Moon Trilogy Epic Novels Series is loosely based off James’ senior year of high school. Richard McMurphy and Reggiena Fisch break up at the Homecoming Dance. This makes Richard sad, but then he starts to date his best friend Emily McMermaid. Emily is a better girlfriend for Richard than Reggiena, because Emily allows Richard to be the man, whom the Holy Trinity predestined him to be.

Everyone, who read The Adventures of Richard McMurphy, loved it, but The Rising of The Moon Trilogy Epic Novel Series will be even better. There are even more novels in the works along with a mythology book and several history books. Please check the website regularly to see our updates.