"The Rising of The Moon Book I Changing Tides Part I" is on its way in paperback form!: March 20, 2017

Hello everyone! I have great news; The Rising of The Moon Book I Changing Tides Part I is on its way from the printers in the South. Soon you'll be able to purchase it in paperback form from either this website or at one the three Readmore Stores in Lima, Ohio; the Hallmark Store on Elm Street, the Hallmark Store out at Eastgate Plaza, or Brunner News Agency on Flanders Ave. The cost is only $15 plus tax and the $5 processing fee (if you purchase it online).

James O'Flannery's books always make great gifts and this one will be here just in time for Easter 2017. Buy one for yourself, family, and friends! Watch for Martin Luther's famous Easter Hymn Christ lay in Death's Bands, as you read this awesome book, which is destined to become a classic novel. Christ lay in Death's Bands strikes right at the very heart of Easter. Jesus died for you on Good Friday and He was resurrected from the dead on Easter Sunday by the power of His Heavenly Father Yahweh, Who sent Him into the world to save the world from sin, death, Hell, and the devil. So please get ready to sit back, relax, and rest assured, while you read the book, that the Holy Trinity loves you. Thank you and please enjoy the rest of National Irish Heritage Month, which is every March.