James O'Flannery's Original Facebook Account Was Hacked!

Autumn Greetings!

Sound the alarm! I'll make this brief and I'll write more theological blog posts later. My original Facebook account "James W. O'Flannery" was hacked. I created this new one shown in the picture. That is the safe one with livestreams for you to watch, so you know, you are talking to the real James O'Flannery. I'm taking song requests as well, because I love singing and it calms me down. The hacker has control of my original Facebook account James W. O'Flannery and several of my friends' Facebook accounts. I'm sorry, it's confusing. Watch for the livestreams on the new Facebook account. The hacker is taking over Facebook accounts by pretending to be your real friends on their Facebook account. The hacker is asking for your email address and phone number, so Facebook can send you a code to help them reset their Facebook account for their new phone. Block anyone, who requests your information without hearing from them via a Facebook call or a traditional phone or if you don't see them in-person. The hacker is claiming, that some of my friends are selling stuff like puppy dogs or something else, which they do NOT sell. I have never taken money on Facebook before and I certainly will NOT do it now. If you do want to buy something from me, then you need to physically go the following stores, so you know, you can get the merchandise and I get paid: Brunner News Agency on Flanders Avenue in Lima, Ohio, the Lima Hallmark Stores on Elm Street and out at Eastgate Plaza, Jen's Furniture and Collectibles on the corner High Street and Chestnut Street in St. Marys, Ohio, at The Menagerie in the St. Marys Business Complex behind Beer Barrel in St. Marys, Ohio, and if you see me in-person. I do NOT want to paid on the internet at this time, unless you live outside of Ohio. For the Vaughnsville Craft and Vendor Show, please pick up a copy of The County Classifieds, which is a FREE newspaper in 13 Ohio counties including Allen County. You can find them in the little green newspaper boxes at various local businesses including but not limited to Jen's Furniture and Collectibles in St. Marys, Ohio. Jen's has a metal rack inside the main door.

UPDATE: Mark Zuckerberg is the Facebook hacker boss! "The Western Journal" reports, that Zuckerberg has unleashed 40 teams of hackers to disrupt groups and censor content. Vote Republican in every election! Vote for Mike DeWine (R) for Ohio Governor in 2022! Vote for Jim Jordan (R) for U.S. House of Representatives in 2022! Vote for Susan Manchester (R) for Ohio House of Representatives in 2022! Vote for Donald Trump (R) for President in 2024!

Thank you!

James O'Flannery

President and Founder of Ohio Irish Lutheran Press (OIL Press)