Celebrating Lutheranism and Guest Bloggers

Hey everyone!

Reflections: I'm declaring 2020 as the Year of Celebrating Lutheranism and I want Lutheran pastors, Lutheran school teachers, and other Lutheran authors to help me celebrate Lutheranism by serving Ohio Irish Lutheran Press (OIL Press) as guest bloggers. 

As many of you know, I love politics and I think, President Donald Trump is doing an outstanding job as President of the United States of America, but I'm dreading the 2020 Presidential Election. I'm not not afraid, that Trump will lose, but I just don't want to deal with all of the negativity, which the Democratic Presidential Candidates and Left Wing Media are going to be throwing at Trump and all of us, who support him. I just want Trump to get re-elected, so I can focus more on theology than politics. I want Trump to take care of the politics, while I stand on the sidelines rooting for him in between writing and publishing more books. I love knocking on doors for the Republican Party and Saturdays are the best days to do that, but Saturdays are also the best days to sell books and other things. So I'm going to have a real juggling act between book signings and campaigning for President Trump, especially in September, October, and early November, because I tend to have book signings every Saturday in between Labor Day and Christmas. However, this post isn't an endorsement of the President. That post will come later.

Granted keeping within a Trump-like theme, Donald Trump's two slogans are "Make America Great Again" and "Keep America Great" and they are both good slogans, which are true. They both require a lot of work though. For many of my blog posts in 2020 and my 2020 theme of Celebrating Lutheranism, I want to talk about the Greatness of Lutheranism in 2020 and I want my guest bloggers to do that as well. I would like the following Lutheran pastors to write blog posts for me to post here on my website: Reverend Mike Phillips, Reverend Mike Hughes, Reverend George Borghardt, Reverend Larry Warsinski, The Reverend Doctor Jordan Cooper, Reverend Sam Payne, Reverend James Couser, and Reverend Joshua Sullivan. I'm happy to post blog posts written by other Lutheran pastors as well.

I have some general ideas for pastors to chose from, but I will also make some specific requests for topics from each one of you. Granted you may write about whatever you feel led to write. This sadly will not be a paid vocation of being a guest blogger here on ohioirishlutheranpress.com , but, if you write one blog post, then I will include you in my "Pastor of the Month" Blog Post Series. Guest blogger here at Ohio Irish Lutheran Press (OIL Press), as I've already mentioned, is a volunteer position, but once you have written ten blog posts for me, then I will give you a copy of one of my books. Yes, you may recycle old essays from college, seminary, and grad school or old blog posts, which you have written. I made the following suggestions for blog posts for you, because I know something about you or I read something about you on your Facebook timeline, which makes you a good person to write about those particular topics.

Ideas for the following pastors:

  • Reverend Mike Phillips: 1. Serving Both an LCMS Parish and as First of Five Regional Vice Presidents in The LCMS and 2. What is a Pastor's Winkel? 
  • Reverend Mike Hughes: 1. Being a Confessional Lutheran Pastor in The ELCA and 2. Religious Theater
  • Reverend George Borghardt: 1. Higher Things, Inc. Ministry and 2. Christianity in the Greek and Roman World
  • Reverend Larry Warsinski: 1. Faith and Politics and 2. Seminex from The LCMS Perspective
  • The Reverend Doctor Jordan Cooper: 1. Just and Sinner Ministry and 2. Former Calvinist Blogger Becomes Lutheran Pastor
  • Reverend Sam Payne: 1. Lutheranism in Africa and 2. Ministry in "Small Town America"
  • Reverend James Couser: 1. Public Domain Hymns Found in Lutheran Hymnals (This topic could get you several blog posts.) and 2. Seminex from The ELCA Perspective
  • Reverend Joshua Sullivan: 1. What is The ELDONA? and 2. Ask the Pastor Ministry

Ideas for anyone are on this list:

  • Lutheran Education
  • The Lutheran Confessions (Possible Series)
  • The Sacraments
  • Roman Catholics and Lutherans are brothers and sisters in Christ in spite of many differences.
  • Church History (Possible Series)
  • History of your Church Body (Possible Series)
  • Christianity and Paganism (Possible Series)
  • Different Types of Christian Ministry (Possible Series)
  • Why should someone consider joining your church body?
  • Exorcism
  • Lutheran Eschatology (Possible Series)
  • Bible Study: Pick a Book from the Bible and write about each chapter in a series of blog posts.
  • After you receive a copy of one of my books for writing ten blog posts, then you may do a nice book review without telling the blog readers everything in the book. 
  • Pick Something Theological to Write About! :)

Rules for Blog Posts:

  1. Do not bash The LCMS, The AALC, or The NALC! However, you may kindly state the facts and why you disagree with anyone of those three church bodies.
  2. Please be mindful of length, because I need to be able to list the stores carrying my books at the bottom of the blog post and I might also want to list my book signings. If you need the extra space, then I will only include one month's book signings or omit them.
  3. Do not promote abortion or the LGBTQ community! However, you may kindly talk about these issues.
  4. Please use the King James Version (KJV 1611) of The Holy Bible or another public translation of The Holy Bible or impress us with your Greek and Hebrews linguistic skills by translating passages of Holy Scripture and Bible verses for your blog posts.

February 2020 Book Signings: 

1. I'll be having a book signing at the Eastgate Hallmark Store in Lima, Ohio on Saturday February 1, 2020 from 11 AM to 1 PM.

2. I'll be having a book signing at the Elm Street Hallmark Store in Lima, Ohio on Saturday February 8, 2020 from 11 AM to 1 PM.

March 2020 Book Signings:

1. I'll be having a book signing at the Jen's Furniture and Collectible in St. Marys, Ohio on Saturday March 7, 2020 from 11 AM to 3 PM.

2. I'll be having a book signing at the 2020 Waynesfield Winterfest held at Waynesfield-Goshen High School in Waynesfield, Ohio on Saturday March 14, 2020. The time is TBA.

April 2020 Book Signing(s):

1. I'll be having a book signing at the 2020 Arts Place Literature Festival held in Dicke Hall at Wright State Lake Campus in Celina, Ohio on Saturday April 18, 2020 from 9 AM to noon.

Stores Carrying My Books:  My books, which I’ve written and published, are also available at the following stores: Brunner News Agency on Flanders Avenue in Lima, Ohio, Jen’s Furniture and Collectibles (JFC) on High Street in St. Marys, Ohio, The Menagerie at 1178 Indiana Avenue in the St. Marys Business Complex in St. Marys, Ohio, Readmore Hallmark Stores out at Eastgate Plaza and on Elm Street in Lima, Ohio, Wagner’s IGA Grocery Store in Minster, Ohio, and in the Shop section of my website ohioirishlutheranpress.com .

Thank you!

James W. O’Flannery, President and Founder of Ohio Irish Lutheran Press (OIL Press)