2021 Lighthouse Baptist Church Fall Vendor Market Entry Form

Please join us for the Lighthouse Baptist Church Fall Vendor Market on Saturday October 16, 2021 at the Lighthouse Baptist Church at 900 W. Grand Avenue in Lima, Ohio!

Reserve your 8 ft. table and one or two chairs now. For a $20 rental fee, you can get one 8 ft. table with one or two chairs. The price for each table with a check is $20 and the price for each table with a credit or debit card is $25. You may rent more than one table, if you have a lot of items. NEW for 2021: You may now rent a booth for $50 each and the booths come complete with three 8 feet banquet tables and two to five chairs. Tables and booths are both limited, so please register quickly. Craft items, homemade baked goods, honey, antiques, flea market items, Avon products, Mary Kay products, and basically anything family-friendly, legal, and clean are welcome. Please show respect for the pastor, Reverend Chris Page, and the members of Lighthouse Baptist Church with your language, merchandise, and overall behavior. Contact James O’Flannery for more information by calling/texting (567) 712-8026. Please make checks payable to James O’Flannery. The Set-Up Time is 10 AM and Show Time is 11 AM to 5 PM. Deadline for reserving tables with chairs and/or booths with tables and chairs is October 10, 2021. Please invite your family and friends!



2021 Lighthouse Baptist Church Fall Vendor Market

Name and Addresss:_____________________________________________________________


Email Address: _________________________________________________________________


Phone Number:  ________________________________________________________________

Company/Products To Be Sold: ____________________________________________________


Number of Tables or Booths and Chairs Needed:_______________________________________________

If you need electricity, then please bring a long heavy-duty extension cord and a power strip.  Wi-Fi is available for vendors for sales with credit and debit cards.

Please make checks payable to and please send this vendor’s entry form and check to:

James O’Flannery                                                                                                                                       1524 Crayton Avenue                                                                                                                                Lima, Ohio 45805

***Vendors agree NOT to damage and/or physically or chemically alter the Lighthouse Baptist Church or their tables and chairs in anyway. The Lighthouse Baptist Church Congregation and James O’Flannery are not responsible for accidents and/or lost or stolen merchandise. If you decide not to attend for any reason, then there is no refund. Food vendors must include ingredients on their food packages.